6 reasons why you should be cleaning stone surfaces with Faber Soap!

Faber Soap

Faber Tile & Stone Care has been leading surface care technology since the 1980s and since then have had time to gain an extraordinary understanding of floor and wall treatments. Nearly 40 years of design, creation and testing means you can expect all 250+ products sold by Faber to be nothing but top quality and Faber Soap is no exception.

For a new, reliable stone cleaner that is effective on a range of surfaces look no further than Faber Soap. Here are six reasons why you should be using Faber Soap to clean natural stone surfaces. 

1. Multifunctional

Faber Soap can be used to treat several stone surfaces. Even if the surfaces have been mechanically or chemically honed and polished.

These surfaces include:
- Travertine
- Marble
- Agglomerate resin-marble- Limestone
- Cotto
- Agglomerate resin-quartz
- Concrete
- Agglomerate cement-marble

Being multifunctional to this extent makes this concentrated cleaner the perfect purchase. 

Faber Soap’s versatility is only exemplified by its many capabilities. Not only does Faber Soap act as a stone detergent, after cleaning it will leave surfaces with a magnificent sheen and ensures they are water repellent and resistant to the effects of water. As any cleaner should, this floor-cleaner can also get rid of dirt. 

2. Cleaning Action

Faber Soap, as opposed to many of its competitors available on the market, excels in each one of the duties it can fulfil. Where one product may excel in one area but falter in another, this concentrated detergent will shine in both. 

In fact, due to its effectiveness,  Faber Soap can also be used for the standard maintenance of all types of natural and polished stone floors. 

Upon its initial use, Faber Soap’s fast-acting cleaning action will become apparent making this stone detergent more useful than its competitors, even in the long term without repeated use. However, when used on a regular basis, this stone cleaner can drastically decrease the time and effort of any future cleaning process making it a much faster method of cleaning and more effective.

What is more, consistent use of Faber Soap will lead to an everlasting sheen on the surfaces increasing their visual appearance.

3. Protection

Powerful cleaning action isn’t everything and will be all for nothing if the surfaces you have cleaned are not protected. Fortunately, this natural stone soap offers both excellent cleaning and long-lasting protection.

Repeated use of this Faber Soap concentrated detergent will not only lead to surfaces becoming water repellent but also protect them from water absorption. Protection against water absorption is a crucial attribute of this stone floor cleaner because natural stone surfaces absorb any liquid that comes into contact with them.

These liquids could ruin both the appearance and structure of these natural stone surfaces and lead to long-lasting, irreversible effects. Due to this, the use of Faber Soap is very important for the maintenance of your stone surfaces.

4. Gentle Treatment

As a pH-neutral product, Faber Soap can treat delicate surfaces without damaging them. These surfaces can include travertine, limestone and marble.

Faber has specifically designed this natural stone soap. This design allows it to treat the widest range of surfaces possible. 

Unlike traditional products found on the market that can end up ruining the surfaces you have spent so much time, money and effort honing and polishing, Faber Soap Concentrated Detergent will treat surfaces while leaving them undamaged.  

Acid-sensitive surfaces that would otherwise fall victim to acid-based or acidic cleaners can be safely treated with this floor cleaner. The same can also be said for alkaline sensitive surfaces and alkaline-based, bleach-based or abrasive cleaners. 

Moreover, Faber Soap will leave the pleasant smell of citrus fruits on surfaces after treatment. This means that as well as improving the physical appearance of stone surfaces, this stone detergent can also improve the smell of stone surfaces.  

5. Manual Application

So that it is better suited for the needs of all who may need it, Faber Soap can be applied using various methods. This factor can be especially useful if customers are under tight restrictions while giving them more control over how the cleaning soap is used. 

The first of these methods is the manual application. The manual application needs a mop and microfibre cloth. 

Manual Application:
- Dilute 2 to 3 caps of the solution with 5 litres of water
- Clean your surface in sections, treating each section equally using the resulting solution with a mop
- Wait for the surface to dry entirely
- Wipe away any dust and residue with a clean and dry microfibre cloth

This product is better suited to be manually applied over small, indoor surfaces. There is no need to rinse surfaces after treatment. 

6. Single-disc Application

The other method that can be used to apply Faber Soap is the single-disc machine application. 

In contrast to the manual application, the single-disc machine application requires a single-disc machine and a white pad.

Single-Disc Machine Application:
- Dilute 2 to 3 caps of the solution with 5 litres of water
- Clean the surface in sections, treating each section equally for up to 15 seconds
- Do not allow the solution to dry during the cleaning process
- Remove any residue with a wet-vacuum
- If the solution has dried during the process use a clean and dry white pad to brush it away

Within the tank of the machine, you can dilute the Faber Soap. 

The single-disc machine application is more suited to large outdoor areas. Similarly to the manual application, there is no need to rinse surfaces after treatment. 

What are you waiting for? Start using Faber Soap today!

Now that you’ve seen all Faber Soap has to offer, the choice is yours: use this detergent for effective yet gentle treatment on a large range of even the most sensitive stone surfaces or tediously attempt to clean your floors with products that will do more harm than good. 

On honed and polished stone, you can apply this stone detergent manually or using a single-disc machine. This factor lets you decide how to use Faber Soap in different situations.

Buy Faber Soap today from Tiling Logistics for a concentrated detergent that will carefully clean surfaces. 


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