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  1. Faber Deterfug: Why Acidic Cleaning Agents?

    Faber Deterfug: Why Acidic Cleaning Agents?Faber Deterfug surface cleaner deep cleaning acid floor cleaner clean deep acidic detergent We have already covered why you need alkaline cleaners in our Faber Alkaline Blog. However, surfaces aren’t always suitable for alkaline detergents. This is where acidic cleaning agents come in. In this blog, I will explain why you need acidic floor cleaners and why Faber Deterfug is a perfect choice.  Continue reading →
  2. LTP Ferrex | Why An Acid-Based Cleaner?

    A LTP Ferrex bottle sitting in the sun on a garden patio, next to a plant pot LTP Ferrex | Why Should You Use An Acid-Based Cleaner? We have gone through many, many cleaners...but LTP Ferrex is not the same! In this blog, we will explain why you should be using an acid-based cleaner and when to use it.  Continue reading →

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