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All-in-one Kit

  1. Faber Scratch Off Kit: Expert Tile Repair Kit

    Faber Scratch Off Kit:  Scratch Removal for Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles Faber Scratch Off Kit For Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles and Slabs Surfaces Restoration Porcelain and ceramic are very beautiful and will immediately leave any visitors in awe. Although, their appearance does come at a cost and over time even the most resistant surfaces will develop defects and abrasions which take the attention away from your surfaces. Fortunately, Faber Scratch Off Kit is here to completely remove any scratches, dullness and defects on porcelain and ceramic surfaces.  Faber Scratch Off Kit is the perfect all in one porcelain and ceramic tile repair kit and here’s why.  Continue reading →
  2. LTP Stone Care Kit | Worktops & Fireplaces

    Kitchen counter top renovation with a LTP Stonecare Repair Kit. LTP Stone Care Kit | What Works Best For Worktops & Fireplaces? Have you ever wished to have all of the products sold together to complete the preparation, protection and maintenance of your stone surface all at once? Here we have the LTP Stone Care Kit, an all in one care kit ideal for stone fireplaces and worktops. It is specifically developed to assist with the preparation, protection and maintenance of all types of natural and artificial stone. Continue reading →

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