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May 2022

  1. Faber Epoxy Cleaner: How to clean epoxy (2022)

    Faber Epoxy Cleaner: How to clean epoxy resin Faber Epoxy Cleaner Epoxy Marble Polish Best Stain remover residue cleaner   When installing or treating new surfaces, epoxy resin is definitely a common choice to help. However, epoxy resins leave behind tough to get rid of residues that affect your surface's appearance. This is when you need Faber Epoxy Cleaner.  Continue reading →
  2. LTP Mouldex | Getting Rid Of Mould

    LTP Mouldex | Why Should You Get Rid Of Mould? Everyone knows that mould needs to be taken care of immediately, but do you know why? In this blog, we will explain the reasoning behind cleaning mould, in-depth, with LTP Mouldex! Continue reading →

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