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December 2021

  1. Faber A3 Yellow - Lime and Marble Polishing Powder

    Faber A3 Yellow - High-Performance Polishing Powder: For Lime and Marble-based surfaces Faber A3 Yellow                             After installation, stone surfaces often appear dull and have no shine. An effective polishing powder indefinitely erases this appearance and leaves a brilliant shine on any surface. Unpolished surfaces are more vulnerable to water damage and high levels of traffic. Although, surfaces become both more durable and liquid-resistant after treatment. This prevents both minor and major damage, damage that may call for replacement. Polishing surfaces also help to keep them clean. If you want all this and more, start using Faber A3 Yellow today.  Continue reading →
  2. How To: Remove Wax from Tile with Faber Dec 21

    How To: Remove Wax from Tile with Faber Dec 21 Faber Dec 21 After previous coats and solvent-based treatments, your surfaces have wax residue which completely ruins their appearance. Fortunately, Faber has designed the perfect product to combat this problem. It strips wax and removes dirt and any other residues from previous treatments without damaging surfaces or altering their appearance. This product is called Faber Dec 21. Continue reading →
  3. LTP Grout Stain Remover | Why Clean Tile Grout?

    A lit up lobby with a mop appliances, a wet floor sign and a LTP Grout Stain Remover 5-litre bottle in the middle LTP Grout Stain Remover | Why Should You Clean Tile Grout? We have gone through aftercare cleaners...but this is not the same! LTP Grout Stain Remover will eradicate that horrible build up on your tile joints and make them look brand spanking new. Don't know the first thing about cleaning tile grout? In this blog, we will tell you the importance of cleaning tile grout, how to remove the tile grout and the best product to use! Continue reading →
  4. Faber Tile Cleaner: Deep Cleaning Detergent

    Faber Tile Cleaner: A Deep Cleaning Detergent for Tiles Faber Tile Cleaner Tiles Cleaner Tile Detergent Tiles Cleaner Acid Faber Tile and Stone Care Imagine a way to consistently achieve clean surfaces, and easily get rid of dirt and grout or any substances plaguing your surfaces. A simple detergent that penetrates surfaces to not only clean them externally but also clean them internally. Even after long periods of use and wear, it would keep surfaces as clean as when they were installed. This product exists, and it is called Faber Tile Cleaner.  Faber Tile Cleaner is a water-based cleaning detergent; it is slightly acidic yet crucial for the deep cleaning of a variety of surfaces. In fact, this detergent can clean any non-acid sensitive surface.  Continue reading →
  5. LTP Crackle Glaze Protector | What Is Crazing?

      Orange and black kitchen counter with crackle glazed glass. With spray bottle and tissue and LTP Crackle Glaze Protector. LTP Crackle Glaze Protector | What Is Tile Crazing? Have you ever wondered how to protect a crackle-glaze and the best product to protect it with? In this blog, we will go through LTP Crackle Glaze Protector and how it can solve all of your problems. Continue reading →
  6. Are Scratch Marks Ruining Your Light Ceramic Tiles?

    Are Scratch Marks Ruining Your Light Ceramic Tiles? Faber Shine Repair Light                       Porcelain tiles can be very expensive, but it all seems worth it because of their amazing appearance. However, this will all be ruined if scratch marks and other defects are present. Scratches can completely draw any attention away from the rest of your beautiful surfaces. To avoid this, start using Faber Shine Repair Light today.  Continue reading →
  7. LTP Floorshine | Which Aftercare Cleaner?

    LTP Floorshine bottles on a waterfall pond area in a forest LTP Floorshine | Which Aftercare Cleaner Should You Use? When presented with such a range of aftercare cleaners, it can get very confusing on which one is best for you. By now you should know the importance of aftercare on your natural stone surface, if not we recommend reading our previous blog Is Aftercare Important? In this blog, we will try to explain the difference between the main two cleaners that you should be debating for your stone floor. LTP Floorshine vs LTP Waxwash. Continue reading →

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