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  1. LTP MPG | Which Impregnating Sealer?

    LTP MPG on the marble kitchen counter top in a grey kitchen LTP MPG | Which Impregnating Sealer Should You Use? When presented with such a range of impregnating sealers, it can get very confusing and we're here to tell you why you should be considering LTP MPG. By now you should know the general information about impregnating sealers, if not we recommend reading our previous blogs.  In this blog, we will try to explain the difference between these sealers and what impregnating sealers you should be considering. Continue reading →
  2. 6 Reasons why using Faber Star Shine is a MUST!

    6 Reasons why polishing with Faber Star Shine is a MUST! Faber Star Shine Polishing Cream for Granite Quartz and Porcelain Stoneware         As time passes, surfaces will dull and lose their shine, a shine that once captured the attention of all your visitors. To make matters worse, these surfaces will also show signs of wear and tear. Surfaces have small pores and holes that water can seep into and break apart your surfaces from within. Moreover, constant use and high traffic only worsen the surface's appearance. Fortunately, Faber Star Shine is here to combat these problems. Star Shine is a top-quality, water-based cream polish. Polished floor tiles will also be protected from future damage. It is the ideal polishing cream for quartz, granite and porcelain surfaces and here is why.  Continue reading →
  3. Why Faber Protex is your ideal Stone Impregnator

    Why Faber Protex is your ideal Stone Impregnator Faber Protex Stainproof Water-repellent Impregnator As new surfaces are put through continual use, they are at risk of wear from high traffic and staining due to spillages. Impregnation is crucial for the maintenance of the appearance of your surfaces. It reduces the effect that these risks have on new surfaces. While stone impregnation is important, many people have often turned away from the process due to the many products and opinions they may find on the topic. To cut through all the noise, here is why Faber Protex is your ideal stone impregnator.  Continue reading →
  4. LTP Ferrex | Why An Acid-Based Cleaner?

    A LTP Ferrex bottle sitting in the sun on a garden patio, next to a plant pot LTP Ferrex | Why Should You Use An Acid-Based Cleaner? We have gone through many, many cleaners...but LTP Ferrex is not the same! In this blog, we will explain why you should be using an acid-based cleaner and when to use it.  Continue reading →
  5. Faber Tile Cleaner: Deep Cleaning Detergent

    Faber Tile Cleaner: A Deep Cleaning Detergent for Tiles Faber Tile Cleaner Tiles Cleaner Tile Detergent Tiles Cleaner Acid Faber Tile and Stone Care Imagine a way to consistently achieve clean surfaces, and easily get rid of dirt and grout or any substances plaguing your surfaces. A simple detergent that penetrates surfaces to not only clean them externally but also clean them internally. Even after long periods of use and wear, it would keep surfaces as clean as when they were installed. This product exists, and it is called Faber Tile Cleaner.  Faber Tile Cleaner is a water-based cleaning detergent; it is slightly acidic yet crucial for the deep cleaning of a variety of surfaces. In fact, this detergent can clean any non-acid sensitive surface.  Continue reading →
  6. Here's why you need Faber Alkaline Cleaner

    Here’s Why You Need Faber Alkaline Cleaner Faber Alkaline Cleaner   Is dirt building up on your new tiles? Are grease stains ruining your limestone surfaces?  Do old layers of wax persist on your marble floors?  Faber Alkaline Cleaner is here to solve all of these issues. It is the latest innovation in stone cleaning technology after over 30 years of experience in surface care technology.   After over 30 years of experience and understanding, they have designed, created and tested a range of over 250 products. This ensures that each of Faber's products is top quality. Faber Alkaline Cleaners comes as a result of Faber's dedication and passion for surface care. Continue reading →
  7. Faber Deep Enhancer: Stone Colour Enhancing

     Faber Deep Enhancer: Stone Colour Enhancing Done Right! Faber Deep Enhancer Since 1986, Faber Tile & Stone Care has been at the forefront of surface care technology. After nearly 40 years, Faber has gained an exceptional understanding of floor and wall treatments. They have been able to design, create and test a range of over 250 products. This ensures each of their products is nothing but top-quality and Faber Deep Enhancer is no different. Continue reading →

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