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  1. Faber Algafloor: Neutral Detergent for Daily Cleaning

    Faber Algafloor: Neutral Detergent for Daily Cleaning Faber AlgaFloor Concentrated pH Neutral Cleaner for Tile and Stone Faber has developed over 250 products for all-around surface care treatments. Whether it be deep cleaning, stain removal or impregnating and sealing and more, Faber has something for you. However, these treatments are not meant for daily maintenance. To remove minor amounts of dirt and other annoying substances, use Faber AlgaFloor Neutral Cleaner.  Continue reading →
  2. Faber A2 Mix: Restore Shine to Dull Marble

    Faber A2 Mix: Restore Shine to Dull MarbleFaber A2 Mix travertine marble polishing powder formula polishing marble No matter the cost, even the most brilliant marble and lime-based surfaces eventually lose their shine. Soon after their installation, marble becomes dull and falls victim to water damage. To prevent this damage and restore shine to dull marble, you need Faber A2 Mix and here’s why.  Continue reading →
  3. LTP MPG | Which Impregnating Sealer?

    LTP MPG on the marble kitchen counter top in a grey kitchen LTP MPG | Which Impregnating Sealer Should You Use? When presented with such a range of impregnating sealers, it can get very confusing and we're here to tell you why you should be considering LTP MPG. By now you should know the general information about impregnating sealers, if not we recommend reading our previous blogs.  In this blog, we will try to explain the difference between these sealers and what impregnating sealers you should be considering. Continue reading →
  4. LTP Colour Intensifier Stainblock | Enhancing Stone

    LTP Colour Intensifier and Stainblock with a brush which has just sealed and enhanced some bathroom tiles LTP Colour Intensifier Stainblock | Looking To Enhance The Colour Of Your Stone? Want to enhance the colour of your once beautiful natural stone? Try LTP Colour Intensifier Stainblock. In this blog, we will go through why everyone, especially you, should be using this product to revive the beauty in your natural stone. Continue reading →
  5. Why Faber Protex is your ideal Stone Impregnator

    Why Faber Protex is your ideal Stone Impregnator Faber Protex Stainproof Water-repellent Impregnator As new surfaces are put through continual use, they are at risk of wear from high traffic and staining due to spillages. Impregnation is crucial for the maintenance of the appearance of your surfaces. It reduces the effect that these risks have on new surfaces. While stone impregnation is important, many people have often turned away from the process due to the many products and opinions they may find on the topic. To cut through all the noise, here is why Faber Protex is your ideal stone impregnator.  Continue reading →
  6. Faber P147: Protect Surfaces Against Wet Weather

    Faber P147: Colour Enhancing Impregnator  For Protection Against Wet and Cold Weather Faber P147 Colour Enhancing Matt Finish Stain proof Wet Look Impregnator Colour Intensifier Treatment During the winter months, your exterior stone surfaces are constantly exposed to cold and wet weather. These long periods of rain and cold eventually damage your stone surfaces. Rain that has penetrated the material will freeze and thaw, loosening the bonding of the material. Due to this, cracks and gaps form. Fortunately, Faber developed the perfect remedy to this issue and this remedy is Faber P147.  Faber P147 is a solvent-based, colour enhancing impregnator. Continue reading →
  7. Faber 30: Multi-Surface Alkaline Cleaner

    Faber 30: Multi-Surface Alkaline Cleaner Faber 30 Alkaline Cleaner New surfaces can completely change any room they are installed in, standing out and immediately drawing the attention of any visitors. However, once they become dirty and stained this positive image is completely ruined. To solve these problems, Faber has developed the perfect deep cleaner and degreaser called Faber 30. This product is a concentrated alkaline cleaner.  Continue reading →
  8. Faber A3 Yellow - Lime and Marble Polishing Powder

    Faber A3 Yellow - High-Performance Polishing Powder: For Lime and Marble-based surfaces Faber A3 Yellow                             After installation, stone surfaces often appear dull and have no shine. An effective polishing powder indefinitely erases this appearance and leaves a brilliant shine on any surface. Unpolished surfaces are more vulnerable to water damage and high levels of traffic. Although, surfaces become both more durable and liquid-resistant after treatment. This prevents both minor and major damage, damage that may call for replacement. Polishing surfaces also help to keep them clean. If you want all this and more, start using Faber A3 Yellow today.  Continue reading →
  9. Here's why you need Faber Alkaline Cleaner

    Here’s Why You Need Faber Alkaline Cleaner Faber Alkaline Cleaner     Is dirt building up on your new tiles?  Are grease stains ruining your limestone surfaces?   Do old layers of wax persist on your marble floors?  Faber Alkaline Cleaner is here to solve all of these issues. It is the latest innovation in stone cleaning technology after over 30 years of experience in surface care technology.   Continue reading →
  10. A Guide To: Rust Stain Removal

    A Guide To: Rust Stain Removal on Stone Surfaces   Faber Mar Gel Plus Faber Oxidant Rust Stain Remover Rust Stain Removal stain removerAfter spending so much time, money and after installing new surfaces. These resources will go to waste if your surfaces become rusty and nothing is done about it. Due to this, rust stain removal is a very important part of surface maintenance and restoration.  Today, I will tell you everything you need to know about removing rust stains from stone surfaces. Today, you will learn everything you need to know about rust stain removal on stone surfaces. Continue reading →

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