LTP Mattstone Impregnating Sealer with literage variations, placed on some rocks


When you research how to protect your stone floor and what product to use, a lot of the time you will be hit with a great deal of conflicting information and it is a lot to take in.

Today we wanted to share with you why you should be using impregnating sealers to protect your beautiful natural stone patio or surface, plus one of the best impregnating sealers you can use - LTP Mattstone. 


The beauty behind LTPs Mattstone is that it is a DIYers dream.

Are looking to do it yourself and cut out the labour costs? Then this impregnating sealer is perfect for you.

For someone who does not do this for a living, this is the best sealer you will find on today’s market.

However, we advise you to not begin any work using this product without seeking advice from a professional.

You will be at your own risk of ruining the surface permanently.


First of all, LTP Mattstone is a solvent-based impregnator. This means it will pierce the surface and act directly in the heart of the stone.

The solvent essentially rides the resin into the stone as a liquid form. T
hen after some time, the carrier will then evaporate out of the stone and the resin will be left behind.

The resin will then begin to form into a solid. Consequently creating a fluid repellent, protective layer in the pores of the stone. Leaving behind a natural matt effect.

The process is quick action and should take around 10 to 15 minutes. Although the complete curing time can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will still have to wipe the stain off the top of the surface regularly


I wish it was so straightforward as to say simply yes but unfortunately, that is not the case.

When deciding whether to seal the desired stone or tile, it is never a simple decision. There are numerous factors you have to take into account.

This will include the type of surface and its absorption level, the level of traffic, what situations it’s being used in, the desired look.

The list can go on so it is important to contact a professional to guide you in the right direction.

The Tiling Logistics Team has had years and years of first-hand experience in restoration, renovation and maintenance of stone and tile surfaces, and they have found LTP Mattstone to be one of the best products on the market for the job it does and the price it’s at!

For further instruction, click LTP Mattstone | Natural Matt Finish | Impregnating Sealer for the application guide via our website.


Well...sealers can be split into two categories: impregnating sealers and surface sealers.

An impregnator sealer will protect the given stain from seeping into the stone but not off the top surface, without changing the appearance of the surface. Excluding the matte effect.

Whereas a surface sealer will protect the top of the surface and resist better-ish stains but they do change the appearance of the surface, such as creating a shine and even the colour, requiring frequent stripping and reapplication.

A unique characteristic of LTP Mattstone is that it will give a natural matt finish, whilst also in some cases, enhancing the colour of the surface.

Its microporous qualities allow the surface to be breathable, water, oil and grease repellent and stain-resistant.

Another factor that separates this product from others, is that it belongs to a small group that can effectively change the molecular structure of the surface. This reinforces the strength of the stone, disallowing any liquids to get past and to seep in and change the appearance of the stone.

This product has been formulated to be heavily effective for both interior and exterior use, also allowing it to be used in wet areas such as swimming pools and wet rooms.


We recommend that LTP Mattstone should not be applied in direct sunlight, in temperatures under 5°C or over 25°C.

This will effectively counter react the products impregnating ability to penetrate the surface and efficiently do its job.

We all know how unpredictable the English skies can be. But it’s worth the wait for the right weather for perfect results.


Unfortunately, no. Impregnating sealers are precautionary measures that provide extra protection to the stone.

The sealer eases and helps to maintain the natural stone. This is only one step of the process, but a crucial one.

Natural stone still needs to be maintained with proper stone care products after it has been sealed.


Do not allow surfaces to get wet and keep dry for a minimum of 3 days.

For the best results, protect the surface will need to be routinely swept and washed with LTP Waxwash, or when dealing with walls and work surfaces we have found LTP Stonewash Spray to be more efficient.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The treatment should last roughly 3-4 years before needing more intensive cleaning


No impregnating sealer will last forever. Over time, LTP Mattstone loses its strength and bonding to the natural stone and will eventually evaporate away.

For example, a stone sealer can be compared to getting your car waxed, which eventually evaporates off the paint.

LTP Mattstone will begin to lose its ability to protect as it gets older, it can wear off from high traffic and wrong cleaning procedures.


There are some worthy things to note when using LTP Mattsotne, such as what to avoid.

Any oil-based spillages should still be wiped up immediately and not be left to sit on top of the surface for long, even with the product stain repellent qualities.

We also advise using only in well-ventilated areas due to any vapours which could be harmful.

And again don’t apply in direct sunlight or temperatures under 5°C or over 25°C.

Click here for a direct link to LTP Mattstone Technical Data Sheet

Black background with LTP Products on natural stone steps



Well…here at Tiling Logistics, we have experts who have had nearly 30 combined years of first-hand experience in restoration, renovation, maintenance, and sealing of all kinds of stone and tile surfaces.

Whether it's granite, marble, slate, limestone, porcelain, concrete, quarry tiles... the list goes on, but we have worked on them all!

Combine our hands-on expertise with our knowledge of the products and relationships with the manufacturers, and you won't find anyone else in the industry who can train, support, and supply you as we can!

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When you order from Tiling Logistics, we really will go above and beyond to make sure you are fully satisfied.

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Before the use of the product we always, always advise testing on an inconspicuous area, before general application.