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Faber AlgaFloor Concentrated pH Neutral Cleaner for Tile and Stone
Faber AlgaFloor Concentrated pH Neutral Cleaner for Tile and Stone

Faber Professional AlgaFloor Neutral Cleaner for Daily Cleaning

From £5.94 £4.95
From £5.94 £4.95
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- Excellent Cleaning Power
- No Need for Rinsing
- Leaves A Pleasant and Clean Perfume
- Interior & Exterior Use
- Dilute with water following the Dilution Guide


Full Description

Faber AlgaFloor is a concentrated pH-neutral cleaner with very low residues. It is used specifically for daily cleaning of any type of surface with a minimum degree of absorption, where traditional products tend to leave annoying surface residues that can cause problems with stains. Faber AlgaFloor has an excellent surface cleaning action and also leaves behind a pleasant, lasting clean fragrance

Faber AlgaFloor is simple, quick, and easy to use. It is applied with the traditional surface cleaning tools, needs no rinsing, and its effective dirt-removing action will not damage materials

Suitable for Use On:
- Terracotta
- Travertine
- Slate
- Sandstone
- Concrete
- Glazed Ceramics
- Granite
- Porcelain
- Limestone
- Marble/ Marble Agglomerates
- Reconstituted Stone

Coverage Guide (1 Litre):
- Approximately 900 to 1100 square metres, depending on the determined suitability for the surface

Dilution Guide (5 Litre):
- 2-3:5 (Capsful:Water) for Porcelain Stoneware, Ceramics, and Quartz
- 4-5:5 (Capsful:Water) for Natural Stone with a polished finish

Method of Use:
- Dilute down to a ratio of between 2:5 and 5:5
- Apply Faber AlgaFloor to the surface, using a preferred method
- Cover the area concerned, distributing a fine layer of the prepared solution, scrubbing harder in the case of more stubborn dirt
- Leave to dry to a haze
- Remove any excess residues and rinse the whole floor with plenty of water
- If the dilution ratios stated above have been followed, the floor will not require rinsing and it can be opened to foot traffic as soon as it is dry

Additional Information:
- Wear protective gear
- Any adjacent surfaces not being treated with Faber AlgaFloor must be protected
- It is important to test the solution on an inconspicuous area before general application
- Surfaces must be between 5 and 40°C before application

The Faber AlgaFloor is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for a same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75.

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