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LTP Ferrex | Why Should You Use An Acid-Based Cleaner?

We have gone through many, many cleaners...but LTP Ferrex is not the same!

In this blog, we will explain why you should be using an acid-based cleaner and when to use it. 


Natural stones often contain traces of iron which may lead to oxidisation within the stone.

This usually happens when it comes into contact with moisture, either from rain, cleaning or even from certain acid-based cleaners that contain ingredients that can accelerate the oxidisation process.

The result of this oxidation is that the stone develops rust and discolouration.

And this is where LTP Ferrex comes in.

LTP Ferrex is specifically formulated to help remove these blemishes and restore the surface, both interior and exterior.

Although for singular spots, we recommend LTP Rust Stain Remover.


It was only released around mid-2021 and has been greatly popular by demand...and rightly so.

LTP Ferrex is an acid-based stone cleaner that contains unique rust and oxidisation prevention abilities that can achieve long-lasting results.

This makes it the perfect cleaner for natural stone surfaces.

LTP Ferrex can be used on acid-resistant stone surfaces and can successfully get rid of rust and rust discolouration.

It will alter the rust particles, removing the discolouration or environmental influences, along with any cement and salt residues.

However, it is not suitable for highly polished natural stone, limestone or marble.


The most ideal time for LTP Ferrex would be around springtime.

After the winter brings its chill with snow, ice and cold rainfall, spring will come around.

The weather is warmer, melting snow from the previous season and drying up the land.

This is when LTP Ferrex will work its best.


First of all, the surface will need to be prepared correctly.

Ensure that the surface to be treated is cool and completely free from the loose matter before application. Always test on an inconspicuous area prior to general use.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Shake well before use.

LTP Ferrex needs to be diluted with clean water in ratios from 1:1 to 1:3, depending on the severity of the surface.

It is to be applied to the surface and spread out evenly.

Agitate using a short-haired scrubbing brush or black emulsifying pad.

Once left for 3-6 hours, rinse with plenty of clean water.

Repeat the process, if necessary and protect the surface from water.


LTP Ferrex can cover an average floor from approximately 10m² to 30 m², depending on the severity of the surface, with a 1-litre bottle!


We recommend further protecting your surface with an impregnating sealer such as LTP External Stone Sealer or LTP Mattstone H20.

These will render the surface resistant to water penetration, greatly reducing the possibility of further rust discolouration.


Not suitable for use on acid-sensitive surfaces such as limestone, marble enamel, zinc or other acid-sensitive metals and materials that are affected by this product.

Some stones may become slightly darker following application. This effect will gradually fade after some time.

For more information, click here for a direct link to
LTP Ferrex Technical Data Sheet

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