Faber Hidro 150: Stain Proof Impregnator

for Natural Stone

Faber Hidro 150 Stain Proof Water-based Impregnator for Natural Stone, Terracotta and Agglomerates

Impregnation is very important for maintaining the brilliant appearance of your surfaces. Whether it is needed in the face of water and dirt or to protect against high traffic, stone impregnation is a crucial part of surface maintenance. However, buying the right impregnator is often a stressful process as there are so many options.  Amongst all of the choices on the market, here is why Faber Hidro 150 is the ideal impregnator for you.

Why Faber Hidro 150?

Faber developed Hidro 150 for top-quality performance that is a cut above its competitors on the market and that is exactly what this water-based impregnator does.

It also offers natural stone surfaces water-repellency at a level that makes them almost waterproof. This impregnator provides surfaces with oleo-repellency. 

It boasts a tough defence against constant traffic, dirt and staining. 

What makes Faber Hidro 150 special?

What makes Hidro 150 so special is that despite being a high-performance impregnator, the application process is incredibly easy. 

The application process requires very little equipment. As a matter of fact, most of the necessary equipment should be found in the average household. 

For the instructions, click here where you’ll find the method of use for this stain proof impregnator. 

As any impregnator should, Hidro 150 provides surfaces with protection against stains and liquid damage. However, this impregnator excels when giving surfaces long-lasting protection, protection that remains effective even after many uses and high traffic. 

What is more, this water-repellent impregnator has stainproof properties. It is suitable for stain-proofing surface treatment; this requires use in combination with a high penetrant water-repellent primer. 

After Treatment

This stain proof impregnator is fast drying and after application will dry within one hour. Although, you should wait 2-3 hours before using the treated surfaces. 

Is Faber Hidro 150 all you need?

For the impregnation of natural stone surfaces, this impregnator is all you need.

However, for routine cleaning of surfaces after treatment with Hidro 150, the use of Faber Neugel or Faber Algafloor is recommended. 

In addition, for specialised clean, the use of Faber 30 or Faber Deterfug is recommended based on the type of stone being treated. 

What surface are Faber Hidro 150 suitable for?

This water-based impregnator is ready for the impregnation of a number of natural stone surfaces, terracotta and agglomerates. 

Suitable for Use On:
- Basaltina
- Cotto
- Granite
- Marble
- Limestone
- Marble-cement agglomerate
- Marble-resin agglomerate
- Porphyry
- Quartzite
- Quartz-resin agglomerate
- Slate
- Travertine
- Terracotta

Hidro 150 is certified for food use so it is even suitable for treatment on kitchen counters and worktops.

Additionally, this impregnator is resistant to the elements making it perfect for the impregnation of both interior and exterior surfaces. 

How does Faber Hidro 150 affect surfaces?

On top of increased protection and resistance to dirt, staining and water, this high-performance impregnator is resistant to UV rays so surfaces will not yellow after time. 

In fact, the application of this Hidro 150 does not alter a surface’s appearance at all. It forms no surface film; consequently, the initial breathability of the surface stays the same. 

Moreover, this water-based impregnator is odourless. Faber Hidro 150 is ideal for discrete use because it is odourless and doesn't alter the appearance of surfaces. 

When isn't Faber Hidro 150 suitable?

This natural stone impregnator isn’t suitable for surfaces that are below 5℃ or above 40℃.

For exterior use, do not apply this product when there is the risk of rain, frost, mist, fog or high levels of humidity. As such, it should never be used on wet or damp surfaces. 

Click here for the Faber Hidro 150 Technical Data Sheet (TDS). 

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