What is the best way to clean grout?

There is a simple answer that makes a fantastic job of cleaning grout each and every time, called pre wetting.

Many people struggle to clean grout effectively, they all without exception make the same mistake by either trying to clean grout when the floor is dry, without pre wetting, or try to clean grout using a pad instead of a brush.

A pad just skims straight over the grout whereas a brush gets right into all the grout lines and the pits and fissures of the tile.  Usually any failure is a result of the technique and the cleaning product applied which is normally sitting at the bottom of the porous grout doing absolutely nothing whatsoever.

The best and correct method follows:


A Mono Rotary Machine fitted with a tank and soft to medium brush.

A Wet Vacuum.

SRP X-Treme heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner.

SRP Hone Powder 220 or 320 Grit.

SRP Pink pH Neutral Cleaner.


Soak the tile and grout with water prior to cleaning. When you come to add the SRP X-Treme Heavy Duty Tile & Grout High Alkaline Cleaner, dilute it according using a ratio from 10:1 for a mild clean up to 2:1.

If really heavily soiled it will, because of the pre wetting sit on the surface and begin to work its magic.

Mix the dilution correctly and simply add it to the tank of the mono rotary machine.  Allow it to dwell / sit on the surface and then agitate with a soft to medium brush.

Allow it to sit again, agitating and extracting with a wet vacuum as you go.

Finally rinse with SRP Pink pH Neutral Cleaner and extract with a wet vac again.

The grout usually comes up immaculate each and every time.

When the grout is really soiled, at the 2nd agitate phase, sprinkle some SRP Honing Powder 220 or 320 Grit into the mix. Acting like a liquid sandpaper cleaning the surface by removing a few microns from the surface. (If you listen carefully at this stage you can actually hear the honing powder cutting), causing a chemical and mechanical clean at the same time.

Finally seal with SRP Impregnating Sealer to protect the tile and grout, which makes it easier to clean the next time.