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SYR Microfibre Cloths Pack of 10
SYR Microfibre Cloths Pack of 10 SYR Microfibre Cloths Pack of 10 SYR Microfibre Cloths Pack of 10
SYR Clean

SYR Microfibre Cloths Pack of 10

From £11.94 £9.95
From £11.94 £9.95
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- Smear-free cleaning without chemicals
- Ideal for any number of surfaces
- Contains antibacterial cleaning action formulated into the cloth
- Traps dirt and dust and absorbs moisture 
- Used by cleaning professionals

Full Description

SYR Microfibre Cloths are premium professional microfibre cloths that are perfect for collecting dust and dirt from any surface. It does this using small microfibres giving it the ability to quickly and efficiently grab and trap dirt. They have been said to act almost like a dust magnet.

The cloths contain antibacterial cleaning action that has been formulated into the cloth. SYR Microfibre Cloths are very absorbent so not only with they collect dirt and dust, these microfibre cloths will also quickly absorb any moisture it comes across. 

In spite of their low price, this microfibre cloth will provide top-quality results. In fact, SYR Microfibre Cloths are used by cleaning professionals around the world.

These cloths can be used with a number of chemicals in order to maximise their effectiveness; although, for most tasks, this will not be at all necessary. 

This product is perfect for industrial, domestic and commercial use. They can also be used for both home and motoring purposes. SYR Microfibre Cloths can be used for almost any task around your property and will do so with great effectiveness.

SYR Microfibre Cloths are practically lint-free. It can be used to effectively and safely clean any surface.

Ideal For:
- Woods
- Kitchens
- Glass
- Tiles

SYR Microfibre Cloths are very soft so it will not leave scratches or marks on any surfaces it is used on; instead, it will leave surfaces both dust and lint-free.

SYR Microfibre Cloths can be washed and reused many times without losing its quality or effectiveness.

- Length: 40 cm (16”)
- Width: 40 cm (16”)

SYR Microfibre Cloths is available in four separate colours which prevents cross-contamination and aids you in using each cloth for a designated purpose. Despite this, these microfibre cloths are multipurpose and as such can be used for various roles.

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