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SRP Pink Concentrated pH Neutral Tile and Stone Cleaner Everyday Use
SRP Pink Concentrated pH Neutral Tile and Stone Cleaner Everyday Use

SRP Pink Concentrated pH Neutral Tile and Stone Cleaner

From £11.94 £9.95
From £11.94 £9.95
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- Tile and stone cleaner
- Leaves a fresh and satisfying aroma
- pH neutral and biodegradable formula
- Gentle and good for everyday use
- Super concentrated





Full Description

SRP Pink is the ideal tile and stone cleaner for everyday use as not only does it protect surfaces against the build-up of soap scum, this product will leave a satisfying aroma afterward. Consistent use of SRP Pink will maximize these positive attributes and ensure long-lasting results.

Despite being super concentrated and capable of erasing the most annoying of stains, SRP Pink is pH neutral and gentle, gentle to the point that it is appropriate for everyday use. As it is super concentrated, 1 litre of SRP Pink can be diluted to make 500ml of solution while still providing the best results possible.

Suitable for Usage On:
- Grouts
- Ceramic Tile
- Porcelain Tile
- Marble
- Granite
- Limestone
- Saltillo
- Slate
- Travertine
- Quarry tile
- Brick
- Concrete
- Masonry surfaces

SRP Pink is a powerful pH-neutral detergent that uses a biodegradable formula that allows it to first remove tough resins and secondly allows it to be effective on a vast number of surfaces. In addition, SRP Pink will not leave streak marks and dries clear which makes for discrete use.

- The coverage will vary based on how much SRP Pink is diluted
- The coverage will also change depending on the condition of the surface and how much it is contaminated
- Under average use, SRP Pink produces x100 5 Litre buckets of cleaning solution when used as directed.

Tips for Usage:
- For the best results, mixing 1-8 capfuls of SRP Pink with 5 Litres of warm water is applicable for common use
- After the treatment, rinsing of the surface is not necessary because it will worsen the effects of the cleaner

Method of Use:
- Dilute SRP Pink corresponding with the condition and dirt on the surface
- Apply the cleaning solution to the area
- Wait 1 - 2 minutes
- Wipe the surface clean

- SRP Pink is only to be used in well-ventilated areas
- Wearing gloves is advised when using this product
- Keep away from heat or open flames
- Harmful if inhaled
- Harmful if comes in contact with skin
- Do not allow to freeze
- Store upright

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