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SYR Cleaning Deck Brush Colour Coded TIC Fitting
SYR Cleaning Deck Brush Colour Coded TIC Fitting

SYR Cleaning Deck Brush

From £13.14 £10.95
From £13.14 £10.95
More Information

- Fits TIC Handles
- Strong polypropylene Bristles
- Perfect for confined spaces
- To be used on hard floor surfaces
- Wash and reuse without losing effectiveness

Full Description

SYR Cleaning Deck Brush is the perfect deck brush for cleaning hard floor surfaces. Being fit for TIC handles and with resilient polypropylene bristles, this product will completely change your cleaning experience making it much faster and more effective. 

Use this product for the super-tough scrubbing of dirt and grime. SYR Cleaning Deck Brush is also food-safe.

Polypropylene is a flexible material that is able to maintain its shape and hardness in rough conditions. Due to this, SYR Cleaning Deck Brush is durable and will last longer than its competitors on the market. Whether it’s by hand or by machine, the bristles of this brush can be washed and reused without losing their firmness. 

SYR Cleaning Deck Brush dimensions:
- Width: 240mm
- Length: 9.25 ”

SYR Cleaning Deck Brush is an interchange system with an exclusive range of interchangeable tools. As this deck brush is an interchange system it can be used for all cleaning requirements making it very cost-effective and efficient.

SYR Cleaning Deck Brush is excellent for being used in confined spaces due to its compact design. It is also ideal for detailed work in and around fixtures and fittings because of its swivel head action.

Due to Its compact design, this deck brush is perfect for cleaning confined spaces.

SYR Cleaning Deck Brush has a flexible shaft that makes movement easy and vital for precise work. For even more ease of movement use this deck brush with SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle.

It is available in multiple colours and is colour-coded. Being colour-coded reduces the risk of cross-contamination which is especially useful on hygiene sensitives surfaces. Colour coding cleaning equipment is important and a really good way to prevent harmful bacteria being transferred around your property. This also reduces the risk of infection.

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