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SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle
SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle
SYR Clean

SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle

£11.94 £9.95
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EAN 5032708043503

- 4 Piece fold-down handle
- TIC fitting
- Heavy-duty aluminum
- Unique folding break-frame design
- Interchange system

Full Description

SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle is a heavy-duty aluminum 4 way fold down mop handle. This mop handle has a distinct SYR folding break-fame design that makes it suitable for SYR flat mops. It is both easy to use and can be broken down into four pieces making it easy to store.

This handle is part of SYR’s interchange system. Interchange handles are the crux of most of their tools and allow the quick and simple changing of tools.

SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle is a crucial part of the SYR range and can be used with every interchange product from that line.

SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle For:
- Kentucky Professional Mop Holder Clip
- SYR Octopus Swivel Head Floor Pad Holder
- SYR Heavy Duty Grout Brush
- SYR Cleaning Deck Brush
- SYR Kentucky Mop Head 12oz

SYR 4 Piece TIC handle can maximise the range of movement of any tool from the SYR range it is used with. Use SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle at full length for the cleaning or sealing of floors or use it in a shorter format for walls. This factor prevents the user from needing to bend or extend themselves too far which could lead to injury when cleaning or mopping.

In order to get the complete experience from the SYR range of products, there is nothing other than the  SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle to get the job done. A handle is essential for every cleaning or mopping treatment and without one these things would become much more difficult and much more awkward.

SYR 4 Piece TIC Handle is both a reliable and cost-effective handle that is long-lasting and is sure to make the cleaning or mopping process much easier. As a heavy-duty aluminum product, it is made for durability while being lightweight making it easy to maneuver.

The bottom section of this mop handle being threaded enables various cleaning brushes, sealing and emulsifying pad holders to be safely and securely attached.

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