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ECOPROTEC Anti Graffiti Sealer
ECOPROTEC Anti Graffiti Sealer
Eco Protec

ECOPROTEC Anti Graffiti Sealer - Water-Based Stone Impregnator

SALE From £26.40 £22.00 RRP £28.91
SALE From £26.40 £22.00 RRP £28.91
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- Strong impregnating sealer 
- Up to 10 Years Protection
- Effective against paint, ink and graffiti 
- Protects from Air Pollution, Oil, Grease, Graffiti
- Prevents Damage from Freeze-Thaw Cycle

Full Description

EcoProTec Anti Graffiti Sealer is a powerful water-based impregnating sealer that is ideal for both interior and exterior use. It lasts for up to 10 years. With a non-film-forming UV resistant and natural finish, EcoProTec Anti Graffiti Sealer will leave your surfaces with as few changes as possible to their initial appearance. Deterioration caused by atmospheric pollution, oil, grease, penetration of liquids and graffiti is no trouble for EcoProTec Anti Graffiti Sealer to aid in the prevention of. Even deterioration brought about by the ice-thaw cycle can be prevented by EcoProTec Anti Graffiti Sealer. Surfaces that have been treated still remain permeable to air and water. The growth of moss, lichen and efflorescence is put to a halt by the potency of EcoProTec Anti Graffiti Sealer. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- porous natural stone
- cement
- brick
- concrete

Method of Use:
- Textured Surfaces:
- Using a light pressure sprayer, roller or paintbrush, apply the Anti-Graffiti protector generously and evenly
- Honed, Polished and Smooth Surfaces:
- Using a sealant applicator pad, lint-free cloth or lamb’s wool applicator, evenly apply a large amount of the Anti-Graffiti Sealer.
-Leave surfaces to dry

Tips for Usage:
- Shake bottle before use
- On more absorbent surfaces apply further coats at hourly intervals until the surface is fully saturated
- Do not apply during rain or frost
- Do not apply when the surface-air temp is under 5°C or over 25°C
- If buffing away the residues proves to be difficult, lightly scrub a small amount of soapy water into the surface with a white emulsifying pad, rinse and leave to dry
- When applied to higher porosity materials, a generous amount of sealer should be applied until the surface becomes fully saturated

- Lower porosity surfaces: 15 sqm per coat
- Higher porosity surfaces: 7.5 sqm per coat
- Polished surfaces: 30 sqm per coat 

- Store in a cool, frost-free, dry environment
- Store for no longer than 2 years
- Keep vertically standing up

- Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects

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