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ECOPROTEC Graffiti Remover for Concrete, Brick & Wood
ECOPROTEC Graffiti Remover for Concrete, Brick & Wood
Eco Protec

ECOPROTEC Graffiti Remover For Concrete, Brick And Wood

SALE From £18.24 £15.20 RRP £19.92
SALE From £18.24 £15.20 RRP £19.92
More Information

- Exterior and interior graffiti remover
- Low Odour, Non-Caustic treatment
- Effective on a range of surfaces  
- Provides a gentle removal
- Acts as an ecological cleaner

Full Description

EcoProTec Graffiti Remover is excellent for the removal of graffiti that is effective on both interior and exterior surfaces.  With a low odour, non-caustic treatment for a variety of ink and paint based treatments, EcoProTec Graffiti Remover is sure to meet your every want and need. EcoProTec Graffiti Remover provides a gentle removal, yet high performance making it essential to fight against graffiti. Additionally, EcoProTec Graffiti Remover boasts a drip-free formula. EcoProTec Graffiti Remover an ecological cleaner.

Despite being suitable for many surfaces, EcoProTec Graffiti Remover should not be used on painted or plastic/acrylic surfaces. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- concrete
- clinker
- brick
- glazed tiles
- rendering
- wood
- other porous surfaces 

Tips for Usage:
- Surface should be absolutely clean and without atmospheric pollution
- Test on a smaller, concealed area before completely applying graffiti remover
- Shake bottle well before use
- Apply from bottom to the top on vertical surfaces

Method of Use:
- Surfaces protected with EcoProTec Anti-Graffiti Sealer:
- Fairly distribute a generous amount using a roller or paintbrush
- Allow time for the paint to soften(usually 10– 20 mins)
- Scrub well using a stiff brush or emulsifying pad
- Rinse well with lots of water
- Similar Unprotected Surfaces:
- Apply to dampened surfaces
- Pre-wet the surface with water to inhibit the dissolved paint from seeping any deeper into the surface when the surfaces are particularly porous 

- Surface cleaning - 10 sqm per litre
- Deep stripping - 5 sqm per litre
- Extreme cases - 3sqm per litre 

Storage Information:
- Store in a dry, cool and frost-free environment
- Store for up to 2 years if left unopened

- contains benzyl alcohol and alcohol ethoxylate
- Harmful if swallowed
- Harmful if inhaled
- If swallowed: rinse mouth
- Call a poison centre/doctor if you feel unwell
- Keep out of reach of children
- Thoroughly wash hands and any exposed areas after handling 

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