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ECOPROTEC Porcelain Tile Protector
ECOPROTEC Porcelain Tile Protector
Eco Protec

ECOPROTEC Porcelain Tile Protector

SALE From £21.84 £18.20 RRP £25.51
SALE From £21.84 £18.20 RRP £25.51
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- Works against grout and compound joining
- Invisible protection and low odor
- Pre grout sealer and pre grout protector 
- Free of VOC
- Has both interior and exterior use

Full Description

EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector is a vital pre-grout sealer and pre-grout protector that is sure to provide exactly what you need. With a low odour and invisible protection, EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector allows for discreet usage. This product can be used to deal with both interior and exterior problems. Additionally, EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector is free of volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Effective Against:
- Compound Joining
- Grout

Tips for Usage:
- Shake bottle well before use
- Do not apply when the temperature is under 5°C or over 25°C

Method of Use:
- Make sure the area to be treated is cleaned and dried completely before treatment and left without grime, dirt, grout or cement
- Apply EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector evenly with a broad paintbrush, light pressure sprayer or foam roller
- Leave up to 30 minutes for the area to dry
- Apply an additional coat of the solution after this time has passed or the area has dried
- Leave a minimum of 1 hour for EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector before grouting and pointing
- Apply a further coat of solution after the pointing is dry and residues have been removed

- Routinely sweep and wash the floor
- Clean walls, floors and work surfaces using EcoProTec Natural Stone and After Care Cleaner.

- Low porosity surfaces - 30 sqm per 1 litre or 150 sqm per 5 litres

- Store EcoProTec Porcelain Tile Protector for no longer than 2 years
- Store in a cool, frost-free and dry environment 

- Harmful if swallowed
- Harmful if inhaled
- If inhaled: Move person to fresh air and keep comfortable for breathing
- Call a poison centre/doctor if you feel unwell
- Harmful if comes in contact with skin
- Keep out of reach of children
- Avoid release into the environment
- Harmful to aquatic life with long-lasting effects
- Dispose of contents at a hazardous or special waste collection point

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