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ECOPROTEC External paving Cleaner - 5L

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EAN 5031220103054
Size Litre 5L

- Exterior stone and paving deep cleaner
- Effective against deposits left by plants and leaves
- Restores paving and stone to original form
- Bleaching action acid and viscous formula
- Helps to prevent re-growth

Full Description

EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner is the perfect answer to give your exterior stone the deep clean it has been dying for. The toughest green and dark deposits left as a result of plants and leaves will be eradicated by EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner and its potent cleaning capabilities. Its bleaching action aids in the restoration of natural stone walls paving, transforming it back to its former glory. With its viscous formula EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner latches on to surfaces it is applied to without attacking the substrate.

Tips for Usage:
- Shake the bottle well before use
- Test EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner on a remote area before applying
- Areas to be treated need to be entirely dry before the solution is applied
- Do not allow pets to travel n the surface being treated

Method of Use:
- Pour undiluted EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner  onto the surface and evenly disperse it using a sponge or paintbrush
- Wait for at least 1 hour
- Apply a small amount of water
- Agitate using a stiff deck brush or emulsifying pad
- Rinse the surface thoroughly with a jet wash or hose
- Consider applying additional EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner  and leave overnight
-  Repeat the process again for more stubborn stains

-  Treat freshly cleaned surfaces with EcoProTec Natural Finish Sealer to deter the surface from absorbing organic particles and moisture

- Surface cleaning - 50 sqm per 50 litres
- Deep stripping - 25 sqm per 25 litres
- In extreme cases - 15 sqm per 15 litres 

- Store for no longer than 6 months after EcoProTec External Paving Cleaner has been opened
- Store upright
- Store in a cool, dry environment 

- Causes skin irritation
- If on skin: Use lots of soapy water to wash
- If in eyes: Carefully rinse for a few minutes
- Contains 5% anionic surfactants
- Contains 5% non ionic surfactants
- Contains 5% sodium hypochlorite

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