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Fila Hydrorep Eco Compatible Water Repellent Protection Breathable Treatment
Fila Hydrorep Eco Compatible Water Repellent Protection Breathable Treatment

Fila Hydrorep Eco Compatible Water Repellent Protection

SALE From £19.79 £16.49 RRP £20.40
SALE From £19.79 £16.49 RRP £20.40
More Information

• Ideal for protecting external walls.
• Resists UV radiation.
• Does not alter terracotta frost resistance.
• It protects against efflorescence.

Full Description

Fila Hydrorep Eco compatible water repellent protection is a water repellent with natural effect.
Deeply penetrates the material while allowing the surface to breathe.
Fila Hydrorep Eco hampers the build up of algae, moulds and lichen.
Protects the surface against deterioration caused by weathering. Fila Hydrorep Eco protects against efflorescence and can be applied to surfaces with residual humidity: drastically reduced application times.
Fila Hydrorep Eco preserves the material's level of breathability above 90%.

Suitable for use on:
Unpolished Stone and Agglomerates
Exposed Bricks
Quarry Tiles

Approximate Coverage (1 Litre):
Terracotta, exposed bricks walls,quarry tiles, stone, plaster: 10-20 square metres
Concrete: 8-10 square metres.

Method of Use:
No dilution required: ready to use.

Make sure that the surface is dry and clean, then apply the product by impregnating the material until it is saturated, using a brush or other application method.Dab any excess product with a clean cloth before it dries (roughly 10-15 minutes).The surface can be walked on after 4 hours.The water-repellent effect starts after 24 hours.For Professional Use Only:spray the product (airless system) on vertical surfaces until they are saturated and use appropriate PPE, as specified in the safety information sheet.

Carry out a patch test on a small surface area to check for any changes in colour. Avoid accumulations of unabsorbed product. Do not apply the product outdoors if rain is forecast. Any stubborn product residues can also be removed when dry, by using FaseZero diluted 1:10 and a white disc. Avoid applying on surfaces with condensate build-up and under direct sunlight. Does not protect against acidic aggression.

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