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Fila StonePlus Colour Enhancing Stain Protector for Natural Stone
Fila StonePlus Colour Enhancing Stain Protector for Natural Stone
Fila Surface Care Solutions

Fila StonePlus Colour Enhancing Stain Protector

SALE From £24.58 £20.48 RRP £26.28
SALE From £24.58 £20.48 RRP £26.28
More Information

- Colour enhancing stain protector that revives original colour of stone
- Deeply penetrates materials to produce a reviving effect on surfaces
- Doesn’t yellow over time and resists UV radiation for enduring performance
- Doesn’t produce or form a surface film to leave a natural looking finish
- Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and leaves surfaces food safe

Full Description

Fila StonePlus is a colour enhancing stain protector that protects and revives the original colour of polished, untreated, and tumbled natural stone surfaces. It works by deeply penetrating the material's surface that it is applied to and protects it from water or oily stains, as well as dirt. It also resists UV radiation to give a long-lasting effect. 

Ideal for all stone applications, worktops, and decorative stone objects, Fila StonePlus can be used indoors and outdoors too. The product doesn’t form a surface film and it doesn’t yellow over time, both of which leave a long-lasting natural-look finish. Surfaces that are treated with Fila StonePlus are suitable for food contact. 

Suitable for Use On:
- Stone and agglomerates
- Marble and granite

Coverage Information (1 litre):
- Polished stone: Approx 30-50 square metres
- Unpolished stone: Approx 15-25 square metres

Method of Use:
- There’s no need to dilute Fila StonePlus as it’s ready to use as it comes
- Apply the product onto a clean and dry surface using a brush
- Rub the surface with a cloth to aid the product’s penetration
- Use the cloth to completely remove any excess product
- To improve colour revival, apply several coats of the product at 8-hour intervals 

Additional Information:
- Once treated with Fila Stone Plus, the stone can not be restored to its original condition
- Before treating the surface, carry out a patch test to check the final colour
- On certain outdoor materials it’s advisable to repeat the treatment on an annual basis
- This product does not protect against acidic aggression
- Do not apply the product outdoors if you are expecting rain 

The Fila Stone Plus all-in-one colour enhancer and stain protector is available through Tiling Logistics, the natural stone renovation specialists based in Birmingham. We strive for same-day dispatch service and free delivery is available on orders over £75.

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