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Flexi Vac Hose 38mm / 2 Metres - Wet and Dry vacuum - Vacuum Cleaner Accessory
Flexi Vac Hose 38mm / 2 Metres - Wet and Dry vacuum - Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Flexi Vac Hose 38mm Flexi Vac Hose 38mm

Flexi Vac Hose 38mm - Wet and Dry Vac Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Replacement Part (Per Metre)

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EAN 5060619821446
Fitting Universal

- Universal replacement vacuum hose 
- Compatible with industrial and standard vacuum cleaners
- Suitable for Wet and Dry Vac
- Great for large areas or narrow spaces
- Internal measurement 38mm.
- External measurement (approx) 45mm.

Full Description

Flexi Vac Hose 38mm is the perfect universal replacement vacuum hose for vacuum cleaners. Whether this replacement part is needed for industrial vacuum cleaners or standard vacuum cleaners, it is sure to meet your needs. Due to this, it is appropriate for domestic, commercial or industrial use. 

Additionally, Flexi Hose is fit to be used with both wet and dry vacuums. It is outstanding to be used over large areas. 

As a universal replacement vacuum hose, Flexi Vac Hose 38mm is compatible and will fit with any vacuum requiring a 38mm hose. It is extremely easy to install. 

Any labor and struggle you faced trying to clean hard to get to areas will be greatly reduced with the use of Flexi Vac Hose 38mm because not only is it effective over large areas, it works well in narrow spaces. 

Suitable for Usage On:
- Stairs
- Curtains
- Sofas
- Upholstery
- Etc

Flexi Vac Hose 38mm is great to use either as a replacement or as an extension for cleaners that are in need of a 38mm Hose.

As a Compression Concertina Hose, Flexi Vac Hose 38mm has been manufactured to stretch as it cleans. Being a Concertina Hose also means this vacuum replacement part is made of a high quality and extremely durable plastic material that guarantees long service life. 

Its durability is also assisted by the fact that Flexi Vac Hose 38mm is an anti-crush compression hose dust pipe.

- Length: Chose per metre
- Internal Measurement (Approx.): 38mm
- External Measurement (Approx.): 45mmFlexi Hose 38mm

Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Accessory Replacement part (per metre) is available from 1 - 5 metres. 

Recommended Products:
- Vacuum Wand Chrome - Vacuum Wand Chrome is an excellent wet dry vac replacement part because, like Flexi Vac Hose 38mm, it is a universal fit and is very easy to install. Due to being made of a very sturdy chrome material, this replacement tool is sure to live a long life. When connected, Vacuum Wand Chrome is approximately 1.22 which enables it to reach hard to get to places such as high up or way down low.

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