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Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3
Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3
Hyper Grinder

HYPER GRINDER Hypervak X3 | Automatic Cleaning System | Tiling Logistics

£6,103.63 £5,086.36
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Voltage 230v 13Amp 3 Pin Plug

- Continuous automatic vacuum cleaning 
- Air Pulse Cleaning to keep filters clean
- Longopac system for smarter waste managing
- Made resistant to impact
- Adjustable drum height for storage and transportation
- Vacuum large amounts of fine powder

Full Description

Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3 is the best choice for vacuum cleaning. After gaining thirty years of experience, Hyper Grinder has been able to continually develop its products to their ultimate form.  Each product has been designed and tested to perform at the highest level. 

This can be seen in Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3 due to it having an automatic cleaning system (ASC) called Air Pulse Cleaning. Air Pulse Cleaning is a feature of Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3  that is accomplished as a result of jets of air; they are controlled by an electronic control unit that consistently keeps the filters clean.

This machine has been specifically made to vacuum large quantities of extremely fine powder without facing any issues.

This vacuum has a Cyclone pre-separator that is concealed inside the drum and it isolates over 90% of the powder by depositing it in the Longopac bag. The Longopac bag allows for smarter waste handling for a better working environment for professionals. 

Longopac bags are hygienic as the bags are replaced and sealed from the outside. By separating 90% of the powder the amount of dust that gets to the dust is dramatically reduced allowing Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3 to work at maximum capacity.

The casing of Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3 is formed of a material that is resistant to impact and has an innovative design. Due to this machine being 100% made in Italy, you can be sure that it is much better than its competitors that are available on the market. 

With its 3 powerful independent motors and powerful engines accessorised with Hepa secondary filter, Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3 can perform consistently at a high level. The main cylinder filter has a large surface area and is protected by a metal cover. Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3’s main filter has an automatic cleaning filter.

The height of the Hyper Grinder Hypervak X3’s is adjustable which allows for easier transportation and decreases clutter. 

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