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SYR Professional Window Wiper
SYR Professional Window Wiper
SYR Clean

SYR Professional Window Wiper

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Size 500G

- Top-quality window cleaner
- Polar sleeves with high water absorbency
- Integrated water wells to retain more water for longer
- Use with cleaning chemicals for better results
- Wash and reuse

Full Description

SYR Professional Window Wiper is a top-quality window cleaner that is sure to remove annoying dirt, dust and grime particles.

SYR Professional Window Wiper has polar sleeves - these sleeves have a plush woven synthetic pile that gives them high water absorbency. The sleeves are also tightly held in place preventing them from becoming loose during usage and losing their efficiency. This also ensures you are in complete control at all times.

Furthermore, the handle of this window cleaner is 35 cm giving the user plenty of room to properly grasp it. At 35cm, this handle can extend its user reach allowing them to cover larger windows in less time and with less effort.

SYR Professional Window Wiper has been specially made with durable fibres allowing it to effectively clean window surfaces without wearing away over time, yet these fibres are soft. Soft fibres also ensure that this window wiper will not scratch or chip windows while it is cleaning them.

The innovative design of SYR Professional Window Wiper gives it integrated water wells allows it to retain higher volumes of water for longer periods of time. As well as holding water, this improves the water flow through the sleeve. As such, this professional window cleaner is suitable for wet cleaning on smooth surfaces.

SYR Professional Window Wiper can be used in combination with cleaning chemicals in order to maximise the results it is able to achieve.

The sleeve of this window wiper is removable and washable giving it the chance to be cleaned without being damaged or becoming less effective. Being able to be washed ensures it can continue to work effectively long after its first use. It also prevents cross-contamination caused by mixing different cleaning agents or using SYR Professional Window Wiper on different window surfaces. Mixing cleaning chemicals may achieve the complete opposite of the results desired.

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